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Bridge Senior Care is a local senior care business that provides in-home care and assisted living. Recently founded in 2016, they are based in Marysville, MI.

Many national healthcare businesses are taking over the elderly care business with large nursing homes. Bridge Senior Care wanted to stand out and let people know that they are both knowledgeable about and committed to the local community.



 Focusing on the small, local business model and promoting the personal and attentive care to each client and individual. The easily recognizable Blue Water Bridge in Marysville became the inspiration for the logo. I used soft shapes and warm, neutral colors to show connection, compassion, and care. This became the focal point on all of the branding material. 

Bridge Senior Care




The website is simple and easy to navigate, catered to individuals with a wide range of internet-literacy. The services provided are clear and the experience is personal from start to finish. You can even ‘Meet the Team.’ By providing them with a set of flyers, handouts, and brochures they are well equipped to provide their customers with this essential caring experience. I supplied them with the brochures, flyers, and the necessary materials needed to expand their business. They plan to take the next step and move into a house where they will be able to take on six clients in the future. 

Brand Strategy

Logo Design

Visual Identity

Website Design

Website Development


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"Working with Erin was a pleasure. She was prompt and did everything in her power to make us happy. Her keen eye for what flows well together helped in shaping our company's image as she designed everything from our logo to brochure to website. We would highly recommend her!" 


Jena Rogers - Bridge Senior Care CEO


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