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Creative and Professional Skills Building Workshop


Many students felt like career fairs had nothing to offer them. While the main focus of these fairs is geared toward business and STEM majors, it left college creatives to fend for themselves. The majority of students had no access to career or professional training beyond the classroom. 


SPARK is a day-long professional and creative skills building workshop that was being neglected from our college environment and is necessary for some student's success after graduation. While targeting communication, business, marketing, art, and creatives alike, we planned this event, built a brand, and created marketing materials all from scratch. The design was based around the modern imaginative college student while promoting creativity in all career paths. The color scheme included light chartreuse contrasted by a dark grey for adventure, creativity, and discipline which was accented by the marble background. 

The event was a success in many aspects! SPARK was renamed to Create on the Ave where it proudly went on for another year.


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